Transcend DrivePro 520 Dashboard Camera



  • Full HD 1080p and 720p Resolution
  • 130° Front Lens Viewing Angle
  • 110° Rear Lens Viewing Angle with IR
  • 4″ LCD Viewing Screen
  • GPS Receiver for Tracking Location
  • Built-in Microphone and Speaker
  • G-Sensor for Emergency Recording
  • Snapshot Abilities
  • Store up to 128GB on microSD card
  • Built-In Wi-Fi Streaming to DrivePro App
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Use the DrivePro 520 Car Recorder and GPS from Transcend to provide an extra set of eyes for events happening in the car and on the road. With dual lenses, the camera provides a 130° angle of view of events happening in front of the car, and a 110° angle of view of events taking place inside the car. The rear lens features integrated IR LEDs for capturing passenger footage even during night driving with low-light settings. Equipped with a 2.4″ LCD screen and GPS connection, the camera can map current and past coordinates and display maps. In the event of a collision, the camera’s G-sensor will automatically trigger video recording of the event and protect the footage from being overwritten. In emergency instances without collisions, an on-device snapshot button allows the driver or front-seat passenger to manually capture images. Using the Transcend mobile application or Toolbox computer software, the driver can then use the recorded footage and images for submitting claims to insurance companies, or for filing police reports. Safely secure the camera to your car windshield using the included suction mount for optimal recording angles.

  • Front and rear lens allow you to record events in and out of the car
  • Rotatable rear lens allows you to record specific passengers
  • IR LEDs activate automatically, and record in-car events in low-light settings
  • G-sensor detects collisions and automatically records and saves footage from the event
  • On-device emergency button can be used for manually activating emergency recording
  • Snapshot capture
  • Battery-operated with included car adapter for in-car charging
  • Built-in microphone recording audio
  • Built-in speaker for GPS derived directions
  • DrivePro520 mobile application allows for streaming, downloading, sharing video
  • Connect to a computer to use Toolbox software for reviewing trip details like GPS coordinates, speeds, date, and time.