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  • Sale! Cokin P036 FL-W Fluorescent Resin Filter for Daylight Film-458

    Cokin P036 FL-W Fluorescent Resin Filter for Daylight Film


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    An FL-D filter is used when you wish to correct for the greenish tone that appears when shooting daylight film under general purpose fluorescent lighting. An FL-W filter is used to balance daylight film under warm white or white type fluorescent lamps. An FL-B filter is used to correct the color balance when shooting tungsten film under fluorescent lighting.

  • Sale! Cokin P124 Graduated T1 Tobacco Resin Filter-457

    Cokin P124 Graduated T1 Tobacco Resin Filter


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    Cokin color graduated filters are color-toned in one half of the filter and have a smoothly graduated transition into the clear portion. Colored and clear image portions can be brought into the desired position by adjusting the filter in the holder. Most Cokin graduated filters are available in two densities 1 & 2, with #2 being darker. Cokin color graduated filters can also be combined with other Cokin filters. Two color graduated filters rotated 180 degrees to each other allow a composition of colors to fade into each other.

    This filter measures 85 x 85mm and fits the Cokin P series holder.

  • Sale! Cokin P141 Oval Center Spot/Black Resin Filter-456

    Cokin P141 Oval Center Spot/Black Resin Filter


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    The Cokin Oval Center Spot filters have an oval-shaped clear spot in the center and allow for the portrayal of an object in diffused surroundings. The black filter softens fine details with little change in contrast, while the white filter not only softens details BUT also lowers contrast. The filter effect is directly influenced by the f-stop and the focal length. The transformation is softer with wider apertures. The size of the clear circular area increases relatively with the selection of longer focal lengths.

    The exposure determination should be done without the filter.

    This filter measures 85 x 85mm and fits the Cokin P series holder.

  • Sale! Haida Grad Grey Filter 72mm-1334

    Haida Grad Grey Filter 72mm


    ITEM LESS 50%

    2 Stop Graduated Neutral Density Filter.
    High Quality Schott Optical Glass.
    Rotating Design for Placing Grad Line.
    Anti-reflection Coating.
    Rugged Black Aluminum Filter Ring.

  • Lee Foundation Kit-463

    Lee Foundation Kit


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    The Lee Foundation Kit is the basic element of the Lee filter holder System. This kit contains all the necessary components (including a small screwdriver) to construct a versatile holder which will take up to four filters. When assembled, the holder in it’s standard form accepts three filters – 100mm (4″) wide x 2mm thick and one additional 100 x 100mm (4×4″) gelatin filter. It also holds 4×6″ (100 x 150mm, 2mm thick) filters.

  • Square Filter Holder-465

    Square Filter Holder


    Product Description

    Generic Square Filter Holder Compatible with Cokin P Series
    Compatible with the Cokin P series filter system.*
    To use the square filter holder, an adapter ring (sold separately) must first be mounted on your lens. Slide the filter holder onto the ring adapter until it snaps into place. The filter holder can hold up to three filters at the same allowing for creative use of light correction or special effects. The same set of filters can easily be shared between lenses of different sizes as long as each lens has an adapter ring installed.