22,999.00 19,990.00

  • 4K Live Streaming
  • 4K/30 fps In-Camera Stitching
  • Up to 5.7K Resolution
  • Dual 220° Lenses
  • Dual Sony IMX377 Sensors
  • Four Viewing Modes
  • App Supports iOS and Android
  • Tripod Included


Stream and share 360° footage in 4K resolution with the YI 360 VR Camera. This palm-sized camera features dual 220° lenses and a pair of powerful Sony IMX377 sensors that produce vivid 4K images and video. Thanks to in-camera stitching, you can share all your content via the free companion app using either iOS or Android devices. Four different viewing modes let you customize how your content is viewed, including using virtual reality devices, such as compatible VR headsets. In addition to 4K, you can also create up to 5.7K resolution content using the YI 360 Studio desktop app for Windows.

To help you share your content, the YI 360 VR Camera features both 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, which supports transfer speeds up 100 Mb/s—so you can shoot, stitch, and quickly share your content with the world. You can use the YI 360 VR Camera for mounted applications thanks to its integrated universal 1/4″-20 threads. The threads allow you to mount the camera onto any compatible tripod or stand for stabilized shooting, including the tripod that comes with the camera.

4K In-Camera Stitching and Sharing

Sharing your complete 360° videos is easy thanks to the YI 360’s 4K in-camera stitching. Simply shoot your videos in up to 4K @ 30 fps resolution, and use the accompanying YI 360 VR App (iOS and Android) to instantly share via social media.

Live Stream

The YI 360 4K lets you live stream videos in 4K. Connect to the accompanying app and within seconds you can stream your moments directly to favorite social sites including Facebook, YouTube, and more.

5.7K Video

The YI 360 VR camera can capture every moment in 5.7K resolution. Combining two Sony image sensors and dual lenses, the YI 360 VR will create two vivid 220° images in 5.7K which can be stitched in the accompanying YI 360 Studio (Windows).

Vivid 360° Content

The YI 360 VR is a dual-lens camera. Each lens features a 220° FOV and is housed within eight aspheric glass layers. Paired with two Sony image sensors and an Ambarella VR chipset, the YI 360 VR camera can create a complete, truly vivid 360° image.

Four Viewing Modes

Bring your footage to life using any of the four viewing modes.

High-Speed Connectivity

Use built-in dual-band Wi-Fi to quickly connect to compatible devices, so you can share all your 360° content with the world.

Portable and Mountable

The YI 360 VR’s lightweight design makes it easy to take with you. And, with its 1/4″-20 universal thread, you can mount it to compatible tripods and other mounts for stabilized shooting.

The YI 360 VR Camera lets you capture fully immersive, truly vivid 5.7K videos and remarkably clear 16MP all in 360°. Life isn’t worth capturing in 360° unless its resolution is clear, immersive and vivid. The YI 360 VR Camera delivers exactly that. Capture life in all its glory and then relive it with an incredibly immersive 360° viewing experience.

Fully immersive, truly vivid

The YI 360 VR is built with the newest generation technology including an Ambarella H2V95 chipset and two Sony IMX377 image sensors. The powerful Ambarella VR chip combined with dual Sony image sensors deliver spectacularly smooth, vivid 360 images without consuming extensive power.

Share moments before they become memories. With the YI 360 VR instantly live stream to Facebook or YouTube and let them see everything you see, when you see it.

In-camera stitching makes it easier than ever to share truly vivid 360 videos. Unlike other solutions that do stitching in the cloud or on another device, the YI 360 VR camera directly outputs stitched 4K/30fps videos, effortless for you to share.


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