TrackR Pixel – 1 Pack


Product Highlights

  • Lost your keys again? Find them quickly and reliably. The TrackR pixel item tracker works with the TrackR app so you can ring and find your misplaced item.
  • Can’t find your phone? Just press TrackR pixel to find your lost phone – it will ring loudly even when it’s on vibrate.
  • Find your lost keys, wallet, laptop – on a map. TrackR global Crowd Locate will alert you when your missing item has been spotted.
  • Replaceable battery with CR2016
  • Perfect for keeping track of all those back to school purchases: backpacks, musical instruments, sports gear and more.


Tag your important items with the track pixel and let the track app keep track of everything for you. Use your phone to make your track pixel ring and light up, so you can find any misplaced item quickly. If you can’t find your phone, press the button on your track to make it ring. And when you’re far away from your missing item, track’s crowd technology will confidentially update your app and Show your item’s last known location on the Map.

How does TrackR work?


TrackR devices use Bluetooth to connect to the TrackR app running on your phone. The app can monitor the distance between the phone and device by analyzing the power level of the received signal. This link can be used to ring the TrackR device or have the TrackR device ring the phone.

Bluetooth Low Energy

The device uses a new kind of radio called Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). BLE is not the same as Bluetooth Classic and consumes 50 times less power. TrackR was one of the first companies to use BLE in 2011. Thanks to BLE technology, TrackR devices have up to 1 year battery life while maintaining their small size.

Item Ringer

Call your missing item from the TrackR app. TrackR pixel’s loud ringer and LED lights say, here it is!

Phone Finder

Press the little button on your TrackR pixel to ring and find your lost phone.

Crowd Locate

Find lost items on a map. When you lose an item, TrackR’s global Crowd Locate network automatically starts searching for it. It’s 100% secure and private.

Family Sharing

Share and find items with friends and family. It’s perfect for shared items like car keys or the remote.

Compatibility : TrackR app for Apple iOS and Android

Available Color : Black, White & Gray


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