SJCAM Selfie Stick + Remote

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Product Description

Package includes:

1x RF Remote Controller

1 x Selfie-stick

SJCAM Smart RF Remote Controller

SJ smart remote multi-function RF Wrist Remote Control Watch remote control for your SJCAM M20, SJ6 Legend Series or SJ7 Star.

SJ-Remote Features:

●Power off

●Waterproof up to 3 meters (3m)


●WiFi  on/off

●Burst Mode


watch size:35*35*9.6 mm

●Brand Name: SJCAM ●Model Numbers: M20, SJ6 Legend, SJ7 Star ●Type: Selfie Stick ●Material: Aluminum ●Use: Video Camera ●Folded Length (mm): 280 ●Extended Length (mm):900 ●Place of Origin: China (Mainland) ●Color: Black/silver ●Weight: 0.1530kg All models can be fitted with this selfie stick.