Polar Pro Venture Filter 3-Pack – Hero 5 Black



  • Improve the Quality of Your Videos
  • Polarizer, ND, and Graduated ND8 Filters
  • Compact Protection Case
  • Attach Directly to Camera Lens
  • Secure Snap-On / Snap-Off Design
  • Reduce Glare, Increase Color Saturation
  • Enhance Contrast Between Sky and Clouds
  • Achieve More Natural Cinematic Look
  • Get Smoother Compositions
  • Capture Vibrant Sunsets and Sunrises


Improve the quality of your videos with the Venture Filter 3-Pack for the HERO5 Black from Polar Pro. You get a Polarizer Filter, Neutral Density Filter, and Graduated ND8 Filter in a compact protection case. The filters feature a secure snap-on / snap-off design and attach directly to the camera lens.

The Polarizer Filter reduces glare and increases color saturation in outdoor environments. It also enhances contrast between the sky and clouds. The Neutral Density Filter reduces the native high shutter speed of the HERO5 Black by three f-stops, giving your videos a more natural, cinematic look and smoother composition. The Graduated ND8 Filter allows you to capture vibrant sunsets and sunrises. It is dark on top and softly transitions to clear on the bottom. The dark section helps reduce the brightness of the sky while the clear section allows the ground to remain unchanged, creating a more balanced exposure between the bright sky and the darker ground.


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