• Mounts on the CD Slot
  • Installs in your car’s CD slot
  • Thumbscrew and tightening wheel rest within CD slot
  • Magnet keeps the phone in place
  • Provides a comfortable viewing angle
  • Sets up smartphones to easily view GPS navigation
  • 360-degree viewing options
  • Ball joint adapter fine tunes the angle
  • Universal Design
  • Works with most smartphones
  • Easy tool-free installation



CD Slot Car Mount is a sturdy, cradle-less device-holding system focused on simplicity. Just place the included slim, metal MagGrip plate between your device and its case, and place your phone on top of the magnetic mount inserted into your car’s CD slot. The strong magnetic surface of the mount will ensure that your device is secure, while the cradle-less feature enables you to rotate and view your device without any distracting arms or holders.

  • No more inserting it in a mount with hassle! Just place it next to the mount and the magnet will it pull it fast without taking you away your eyes from the road!
  • Very easy installation! Just insert it in your car CD slot in your car ant tighten it with the mounting screw, put the magnet between your phone and your phone case or stick on the round magnet to your phone, and you are done!
  • When you enter the mount in the CD slot, the CD player will function normally.


The reinforced magnetic holder of this mount is what sets it apart from other mounts. This Universal magnetic holder produces an intensive force of attraction that will hold any smartphone.

Quality Materials

  • High Quality ABS and environmentally friendly rubber.
  • Rubber grip  on magnetic surface offers extra protection.

360 Degrees Rotation

  • Horizontal or vertical, adjust hold arm angle to get best view angle.
  • Does not limit the view and it keeps your cell phone in a perfect position for a hand free phone conversation.

Easy To Mount and Release

  • One  press “PUSH” button to install.
  • Provides a strong and robust mount for holding your smart phone onto car air vent or CD slot.



  • Fashionable and simple design, easy to mount and release.
  • Provides a powerful and powerful mount to keep your smartphone in the car air vent or CD slot.
  • Mini, light weight, powerful magnetic mount, prevent equipment from scratches and falls.
  • Rubber grip on magnetic surface provides extra protection.
  • 360 degree rotation, horizontal or vertical, adjustable angel arm holder to get the best angel view.
  • Unlimited viewing and it keeps your mobile phone in a perfect position for a handfree phone conversation.
  • Keeping you and your phone much safer and secured while driving.




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