Parabolic Softbox P90 Series adopt deep parabolic box design, which enables light to be sent out straightly and the brightness to be decreased progressively from central to periphery, thus offering extremely even, soft, and high saturation light effects for shooting with easy installation, simple operation, great portability, and a wide variety of applications.


Deep Parabolic Box Design.Work like oversize reflector ,which is good for light concentration and gaining light effects with soft and high saturation.Compared with other similar product lighter and more smooth. Reliable and Durable.wind,crush and fail resistance. Long Service Life.The shoftbox adopts 16 premium fiberglass,the fiber-glass rods is light and portable. Great Portability.P90L only weights 1.5kg.Easy and Effortless Installation Wide Scope of Application.Studio and other shooting are both suitable.

Model: P90L (Light Version) Working Temperature: <60 ℃ Material of Rods: Fiberglass Diameter:90cm Depth:69.4cm weight (with Carrying bag): 1.5KG


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