Godox Digital Timer Remote ITR-N3


Product Highlights

  • ITR Series offers convenient shooting experience with terminal attached
  • Shutter release for single shot, continuous shot,  and bulb shot
  • Timer release for delay photography and interval photography
  • Delay or interval time is adjustable from 1s to 99 hours 59 mins 59 secs
  • Number of shots can be set from 1 to 399 or unlimited
  • LCD panel with backlight enables users to operate even in darkness


Godox Digital Timer Remote is designed to trigger the camera’s shutter with precise and regular time intervals. It is suited to a variety of tasks, including precise control over delay shutter, exposure time, interval, number of shots and many more functions.

Compatible Device

Nikon D5100, D3100, D7000, D5000, D90


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