Godox Barndoor Kit for AD200 Pocket Flash


  • 4-Leaf Barndoor
  • Controls the Direction of the Light
  • Gel Set: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Orange
  • Gels for Dramatic Lighting
  • Compatible with AD200 Pocket Speedlight


The Barndoor Kit with 4 Color Gels for the AD200 Speedlight from Godox attaches directly to the front of the flash. Each leaf on the 4-leaf Barndoor moves independently to maintain and control the direction of the light. A 4-color gel set is also included, which consists of red, blue, yellow, and green colors. These gels help create dramatic lighting effects in your images.


In the Box

Godox Barndoor Kit with 4 Color Gels for AD200 Speedlight Head

  • Gel Set: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green



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