• remote communication * full-duplex speech, interaction with families at anytime
  • smart video * sd card video, quick reviewing
  • P2P technology * safety and prevent leakage
  • home caring * remote supervision and caring of the families
  • motion detection * sensitive detection, real-time alarm
  • splendid capture * one key to touch and enjoy
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The Clever Dog is an easy to use Smart Camera that allows you to remotely monitor your business, office or home, as well as allowing you to connect with your family and friends using the built-in microphone and loudspeaker from anywhere using the Clever Dog app.

Clever Dog is an easy-to-install smart device which supports WiFi that will enable you to monitor the goings on at your home, business, office, or anywhere that you want to watch remotely.

Full-duplex speech helps keep you connected with loved ones  Supports full-duplex speech, allowing you to communicate and connect with your family so you can see and speak to them whenever you like.

Motion detection and real-time alarm  Supports motion detection and auto-captures dynamic images. It would transfer the alarm message to your smartphone or tablet if the Clever Dog judged that your property was being invaded.

Intelligent video recording for quick reviewing  Supports auto-recording, and can quickly locate pictures by timeline.

Share exciting moments with friends and family  It supports video picture capture, so you can share exciting moments with your friends and family.

Secure and convenient with P2P services  Deploying P2P technology, the Clever Dog can establish a direct connection between smartphones and the camera.

Featured in The Guardian Article of Top 30 Gadgets under £30  Specification

WIFI: Supports IEEE8012.11b/g Power: DC 5V,500mA, Micro USB port cable Size: 85x85x110mm Video: Code: H.264, Resolution 720 x [email protected] Night Vision: Built-in photographic lenses, automatically enabled infrared LED under low illumination

(Images will appear as black and white in night vision mode)

Storage: Support MicroSD card, maximum capacity 32GB

Note: this is the WiFi version and does not support 3G or 4G. The majority of home networks are running on 2.4GHz. The Clever Dog will work with all home network routers using 2.4GHz wireless frequency. If you are using a 5GHz router then you will need to set up another network using a 2.4GHz frequency.

Box Contents:  1 x Cleverdog camera 1 x 5ft (Approx) USB power cable 1 x Mounting base for camera 1 x Pack of 3 wall plugs and screws for securing to a wall

Technical Usage Tips

Easy to Install  1. Download the Mobile App: Search for Clever Dog on the Apple Store or Google Play. 2. Ensure the camera is connected to a USB port or a USB Wall Plug. 3. Open the App and create an account. Then click on the + to add your device. 4. Press the camera icon, then you will be instructed to pair the camera: press the button at the front of the camera and hold for a few seconds, the red light will go out and then a blue flashing light will appear. 5. Follow the on screen instructions, you will be asked for your Wifi Password. Pairing will take under a minute. Full instructions are included.

View files on your PC  You can download the latest Clever Dog software and instruction manual using the link below: Clever Dog Software and Manual 

After you have run the program, set up and opened it you can take the MicroSD card out of the camera and put it in your PC via a card reader. Do not format the microSD card as you will be exporting the files by using the Clever Dog Windows software!

In the Clever Dog program on your PC, click menu and then export video, then right click on the files to begin exporting. After this is complete, click menu and then settings you can then open the files for photo or video.

Clever Dog Camera Software Update  The Clever Dog Camera may occasionally need a software update. You may see that the WiFi settings have connected to the camera, but the app shows that it is not connected. Go back to the homepage add click the + icon to add a new device. You will then be prompted to update the software, click yes and then follow the on screen instructions.

Memory Card Support  Some customers may find that a memory card is not detected. What you can try is to delete the Clever Dog from your device, then re-add it with the memory card already inserted. Or you may find that the card is detected but the camera keeps going offline. Again delete the camera and re-add it. The camera should now be online and you will be able to also check the history of recorded data on the memory card. The camera can read cards with a higher capacity but will only be able to use a maximum capacity of 32GB.