CL55K Continous Light Kit



  • dimensions of the softbox: 50x50cm,
  • convenient system of quick folding and unfolding,
  • in the frame, a standard thread for a bulb ( E27),
  • equipped with a movable head of the frame, thanks to which it is possible to set the softbox at different angles depending on the current needs,
  • high quality reflector inside,
  • removable diffuser included


Professional and made of high quality softbox components with E27 holder and diffuser adapted for mounting on 6ft light stand. It allows diffusing the light of flashbulbs or permanent light (continuous) – until now it was impossible, because standard softboxes have fixing only to large studio lamps.

Softbox softens the light much better than a diffuse umbrella: it does not allow the light to escape from side to side and the formation of undesirable reflections. The light is precisely directed to the object being photographed, and the most powerful possible beam of scattered light hits the stage.

  • rated power 85 W
  • effective power:  400 W
  • color temperature:  5500 Knatural daylight – white ),
  • standard thread:  E27,
  • lifetime: up to 8000 h,
  • color rendering index Ra: 91,
  • dimensions of the glass part: approx. 14 x 7.5 cm,
  • Continuous photo light bulb is a perfect solution for the needs of professional photos on auctions and online stores,
  • 5 times brighter than ordinary light bulbs,
  • 5 times less power consumption!

The perfect solution for people who need professional photos on auctions and online stores. Suitable for every photo studio, both professional and home. High quality lighting means that photos will not require additional digital retouching.

The shadowless continuous light provides very good bright lighting when shooting or filming. It is completely flicker free and does not mislead the white balance meter in the camera / camcorder, allowing you to preserve the natural colors in the picture. This type of bulb is obligatory equipment for photographers who want to introduce continuous lighting to their photographs.

The power of the L85W55 photographic bulb is 5 times higher and the lifespan is 8 times longer than in the case of an ordinary bulb. In addition, during work, the amount of heat released is minimal – in favor of high luminous efficiency, which allows for long-lasting and reliable operation while maintaining the full comfort of the person behind the lens.

Using our fluorescent lamps, you can get up to five times lighter, while reducing electricity bills by up to 3/4 of the value!

The bulb has a standard E27 thread. Thanks to this, it can easily be placed in standard frames, it also works perfectly as a continuous light lamp with a softbox (important: when removing from the packaging and then mounting, hold only the base, without touching the glass part!).



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