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  • Flycam CF3 Carbon Stabilizer-606

    Flycam CF3 Carbon Stabilizer


    Product Highlights

    Light weight, handheld camera stabilizer
    Precision engineered quality built in
    15″ tall and just 2.7 lbs without counter balance disks
     Quick and easy to set up and balance
    Unrestricted booming and 360 degree panning
    Universal mount head plate
     Telescopic gimbal post
    Amateur, Prosumer and Professional approved
    Our Quality Assurance Guarantee

  • Glidecam HD-1000 Hand Held Stabilizer-933

    Glidecam HD-1000 Hand Held Stabilizer


    The Glidecam HD1000 is a lightweight, hand-held camcorder stabilizing system. This system is upgraded from the 1000 Pro and offers fine adjustments and an improved gimbal and balance system.

    Camera stabilization systems like this one work to provide camera stability during movement for dynamic and subjective camera shots. It utilizes a balancing system that dampens the user’s body movement, providing a smooth, floating moving image appearance usually achieved with more expensive equipment.

  • SevenOak SK-SW Pro2 SteadyCam Pro



    • Can be used for high and low angle shooting
    • Height adjustable
    • High precision bearings and low friction joints
    • With quick release camera platform
    • Removable counter weights
    • Made of superstring and light weight carbon fiber
    • Hand grip position adjustable

  • SevenOak SK-SW03N SteadyCam Pro

    Rated 5.00 out of 5


    • 1.5kg maximum load
    • precision fore and aft trim screw and side to side trim screw
    • adjustable dynamic balance
    • rigid aluminum construction
    • 45cm max height
    • 31cm min height
    • unique and precision three axis gimbal
    • addable counterweight disks
    • lightweight design

  • SevenOak SK-SWPRO1 Mini Handheld Stabilizer Pro



    • Compact, light weight and portable
    • Compatible with small camcorders and DSLRs
    • Made by carbon fiber and Aluminum
    • Easy to find balance
    • With quick release design
    • Foldable legs
    • Back-forth, left-right, up-down adjustment
    • Max load capacity: 2.5KG
    • Max height: 10*7.5*41cm
    • Min height: 10*7.5*24.5cm

  • Zhiyun Crane 2



    • For Mirrorless & DSLR Cameras up to 7 lb
    • FF Control for Select Canon DSLRs
    • Pro-Grade Image Stabilization
    • OLED Display
    • Camera Control via Handgrip Buttons
    • 6000mAh Battery Runs up to 18 Hours
    • Power Select Sony Cameras via Gimbal
    • Quick Release Camera Plate
    • Gradual Power-Down Protects Camera

  • Zhiyun Crane M



    • For Mirrorless, Action Cams, and Phones
    • Supports Devices up to 1.4 lb
    • 360° Rotation Along All Three Axes
    • Large 4-Way Joystick
    • Lock, Yaw, Pitch/Yaw, and Inverted Modes
    • 32-Bit Triple-MCUs at 4 kHz Frequency
    • High Accuracy Brushless Motors
    • Toolless Adjustment of All Axes
    • Remote iOS/Android Control via Bluetooth

  • Zhiyun Crane Plus



    • 360° Rotation along All Three Axes
    • Supports Large Payloads up to 5.5 lb
    • MotionMemory & POV Modes
    • Intelligent Object Tracking & NightLapse
    • Control Select Panasonic & Sony Cameras
    • 45° Dutch Tilt in POV Mode
    • Aluminum Mini-Tripod Included
    • Control via iOS/Android ZY Play App

  • Zhiyun Rider M



    • Mini 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro
    • Use with Suction Cups & Other Supports
    • Supports Remote Operation via Mobile App
    • Supports Optional Remote Control Unit
    • ±320° Pan Movement
    • Brushless Servo Motors Operate at 4000Hz
    • 3.5mm Real-Time Monitoring Video Output

  • Zhiyun Smooth III



    • For Up to 9.2-Oz/6″ Smartphones
    • For GoPro HERO 3/4/5 Action Cameras
    • Charge Phone via Optional Cable
    • 1-Step Balancing with Marking Scale
    • Thumbwheel/Joystick Imaging Controls
    • 360° Pan, 320° Tilt & Roll
    • Up to 14-Hour Runtime
    • Secure, 2-Way Aluminum Phone Clamp
    • Micro-USB Charging Port
    • 1/4″-20 Mount on Handle Bottom