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  • Benro PH-08 Quick Release Plate-790

    Benro PH-08 Quick Release Plate


    The Benro PH-08 Quick Release Plate for the BH-1-M Ball Heads, HD-18M Pan Heads, and DJ-80 Tilt Heads is a component that attaches to your camera’s tripod screw mount for its easy placement on and off the tripod head. Ballheads enable smooth panning and tilting camera movement while mounted on the tripod.


  • Benro PU50 Quick Release Plate BO-783

    Benro PU50 Quick Release Plate BO


    Product Highlight

    Benro PU-50 Extra Slide-In QR Plate with 1/4-20 Thread for Model B-0 and B-1 BallHeads

  • Benro PU60 Quick Release Plate B1-1267

    Benro PU60 Quick Release Plate B1


    Product Highlight

    The PU-60 quick release plate for Benro New generation B-1, J1 Ballhead. Safe Screw installed in both side to prevent drop of camera by accident.
    You can change the location of the screw to fit different cameras.
    The PU-60 Universal Quick Release System has been designed to be compatible with other brand quick release systems.
    Suitable for most ball heads.
    Built with excellent materials, offering outstanding quality.

  • Benro QR25 Quick Release Plate for KH25-785

    Benro QR25 Quick Release Plate for KH25


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  • Benro S4 Video Fluid Head-782

    Benro S4 Video Fluid Head


    Product Highlight

    Supports 8.8 lb (6 kg)
    Fluid Drag and Spring Balance
    Separate Pan and Tilt Locks
    501PL Compatible Quick Release Plate
    Quick Release Plate Safety Lock
    Integrated Bubble Level
    R/L Pan Handle Mounting Rosettes
    60 mm Flat Base with 3/8″ Threaded Mount

  • Benro S6 Video Fluid Head-781

    Benro S6 Video Fluid Head


    Product Highlight

    Supports 13.2 lb (6 kg)
    Posi-Step Counterbalance System
    Variable Tilt Drag Control
    Separate Pan and Tilt Locks
    501PL Compatible Quick Release Plate
    Quick Release Plate Safety Lock
    Illuminated Bubble Level
    R/L Pan Handle Mounting Rosettes
    70 mm Flat Base with 3/8″ Threaded Mount

  • Benro SPF Spike Feet-780

    Benro SPF Spike Feet


    Product Highlight

    Compatible with Benro & Induro Tripods
    Extra Tripod Stability on Softer Terrain
    Tighten with a Wrench
    3/8″-16 Screws

  • Multifunctional Boom Arm FS9309-1983

    Boom Arm FS9309


    Material: Aluminum Alloy

    Net Weight: 1413g

    Max. Length: 2180mm

    Folded Height: 1230mm

    Tube Diameter: 30mm

  • Godox Q-type Multifunctional Clip-1823

    Godox Q-type Multifunctional Clip


    This Q-type clip is designed for hanging battery pack, installing different flashes with lamp adapter(sold separately), etc.
    High quality material with strong bearing.
    Several 1/ 4 and 3 / 8 bracket mounting holes to adjust light ankles flexibly.
    Adjustable range from 3 to 45mm.
    Quickly fix the clip by the screw.

  • Gorilla Clamp-1263

    Gorilla Clamp


    Length: 108mm
    Jaw opening: 50mm approx
    Jaw width: 78m
    Black finish
    Durable metal with rubber grip

  • Kamerar Tough Friction Arm 7″-930

    Kamerar Tough Friction Arm 7″


    The  KAMERAR ‘TOUGH’ Friction Magic Arm was exclusively designed from the ground up. Every section of the ‘Tough’ Arms were improved over other existing arms on the market. The stainless steel accents and black anodized finish provide both a professional aesthetic and an extremely long lasting durable finish.

    The three independent joints allow you to quickly change it’s position with a single locking knob. Between the locking knob is a thrust bearing that assists to make locking easier, and stronger.



    Product Highlights

    • RC2 Quick Release System


  • Manfrotto 323 Quick Release Adapter-794

    Manfrotto 323 Quick Release Adapter


    The Manfrotto 323 RC2 System Quick Release Adapter with 200PL-14 Plate adds a compact quick release system to any head that does not include one yet. Its compact 200PL-14 (old part #3157N) quick release plate makes it ideal for use with point and shoot cameras, digital SLR cameras, or spotting scopes.

    The 323 adapter allows quick mounting and dismounting of the camera from the tripod head. A 3/8″-16 threaded socket with a 1/4″-20 reducer bushing makes it compatible with any tripod head.

    Replaces old part #3299.

    Plate features 1/4″-20 camera screw

  • Manfrotto 501 PL Quick Release Plate-793

    Manfrotto 501 PL Quick Release Plate


    The Manfrotto 501PL Quick Release Plate is a 3.38″ long sliding quick release plate compatible with heads that use the RC5 quick release system. It comes supplied with one 1/4″-20 and one 3/8″ camera screw each, and features a location (video) pin.

  • Manfrotto 577 Video Quick Release Adapter-791

    Manfrotto 577 Video Quick Release Adapter


    The Manfrotto 577gives you the freedom to remove the camera from the head without detaching it from the plate and put it on any other support. Compatible with the 501PL (old 3433PL) camera plate (supplied with the 3433, 3460, and 3465 heads) and the special 501PLONG accessory plate.

    0.8″ (20mm) of sliding travel within plate to optimally balance gear

    Female 3/8″-16, 1/4″-20, and 3/8mm threadings on bottom

    Plate has 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting screws, in addition to anti-twist video register pin

    2-Stage quick release system