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    3M 1211+1701 Filter Half Face Respirator

    750.00 600.00

    Key Features:   

    • TPE Material
    • Lightweight
    • Application to dust industry
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    3M 6200+7n1 Filter Half Face Respirator

    2,600.00 2,100.00




    • Accessories                No
    • Brand                         3M™
    • Compatible With      Line Compressed Air System SA Series
    • Connection Type      Bayonet
    • Exhalation Valve      Yes
    • Facepiece Type         Half Facepiece Reusable
    • Features                     Dual Airline supplied air compatible
    • Harness Type           4 point
    • Primary Material     Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
    • Product Series          6000
    • Product Type            Half Facepiece
    • Range                         Good








  • 3M 6502 + 7093CN Filter Quick Latch Half Facepiece




    • Quick latch mechanism offers an easy, one-hand touch drop-down mechanism for putting the face piece on and off while moving in and out of contaminated area.,without removing head straps.
    • Proprietary 3M Cool Flow valve helps reduce heat and moisture to make breathing easier.
    • 3M’s lightest silicone facepiece.
    • Exhalation valve cover directs exhaled breath and moisture downward to reduce fogging of face shields.


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    3M 6800+7093CN Filter Full Facepiece Respirator

    9,000.00 7,300.00


    • Full Face Respirator with wide visor
    • Silicone face seal for enhanced comfort and durability.
    • Large polycarbonate lens for wide field of view and excellent visibility
    • Bayonet style fitting cartridges and filters
    • Four strap suspension, easy to put on and take off
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    3M 7093CN Particulate Filter P100

    1,500.00 1,150.00


    • Made of high quality material, durable and practical to use
    • Electrostatic filter, low breathing resistance and high protection efficiency. Applicable environment: for all kinds of particles, soot particles, second-hand smoke particles, fog, haze, dust, radiation particles, etc..; suitable for riding and high-intensity dust-proof operations
    • Unique shell design, splash-proof and moisture-proof, smooth surface and easy to care, can prevent hot, impact, spray, medicated bath, etc.
    • 7093 filter is fit for:6200,7502, 6502, 6800
    • The filter is not washable. Please do not disassemble by force.
    • Material: Activated Carbon, Plastic, High Quality
    • Package Contents:1 Pair of Filters


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    3M 7502 + 7093CN Filter Half Facepiece Respirator

    3,750.00 2,700.00



    • 3M 7502 + 1Pair 3M 7093 Filter
    • 3M 7093 P100 Gas Cartridge Filter Protect Against Particulates/PM0.3/Welding Smoke Fit for 3M 6200/6800/7502 Mask KM004
    • Application: Chemical industry
    • Protective objects, Oily and non-oily particles, dust, welding smoke, glass fiber
    • Must use with the 6000 series,7500 series,6500 series masks
    • Effective filtration of various types of oily and non-oily particles, the filter effect of more than 99.7%
    • High capacity, special intake path, low breathing resistance
    • Elastic means, easy to wear and air tightness inspection
    • Filter cotton cannot be cleaned and disinfected, Plastic shell, wearable
    • When the respiratory resistance increased significantly, please leave the pollution area and replace the cotton


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    Inductive Alcohol Sprayer

    1,300.00 950.00


    • Alcohol Disinfectant
    • Non-touch Operation
    • Features Hygienic
    • Easy to fill
    • Leak-proof design of liquid outlet
    • Quantitative spray-like discharge to fully wet hands
    • Liquid output can be adjusted according to demand


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    Mi Air Purifier 2s

    7,490.00 7,200.00


    • OLED display
    • Laser particle sensor
    • 310m³/hr CADR
    • 3-layer filtration
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    Mi Air Purifier 3H

    8,990.00 8,600.00



    • 380 m³/h PM CADR – Delivers 6330 liters of purified air per minute*
    • True HEPA filter – Effectively filters particles as small as 0.3 microns
    • High-precision laser PM sensor – Sensitively detects even slight pollution
    • OLED touch screen display – Clean air at your fingertips
    • APP+AI smart voice control* – Control remotely so you come home to fresh air
    • A4 paper sized footprint* – Compact, quiet, non-intrusive


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    Mi Air Purifier Pro

    11,990.00 11,400.00


    • Effective activated carbon filter
    • 3 Layer filter for high efficiency
    • Easy and fast to install
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    RL UVC Disinfection Light 38W/55W

    5,250.00 4,725.00


    Manual Operation:
    1. Close all doors and windows
    2. Power on
    3. Press the button ON/OFF by hand
    4. Select time setting 15min/30min/45min/60min using the time button
    5. Once you have selected your time setting it will automatically begin with a
    10 second delay
    II. Remote Control Operation:
    1. Close all doors and windows
    2. Power on
    3. Press the button ON/OFF on the remote control
    4. Select time setting 15min/30min/45min/60min using the time button
    5. Once you have selected your time setting it will automatically begin with a 10 second delay